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John Labate

Cant wait to see Punk Rock Karaoke night on Sat. Nov 27th! I have seen the Relics a few times before and they always amaze me with their set list, they have hundreds of punk classics up their sleeves. Can't wait to hear all the punk songs I grew up on performed live in one spot with a Karaoke spin! I have heard great things about Family Secret & VADOOM too. Gunna be a fun night.


Fool‘s haste is no speed.


So I'm curious, I have been to this bar a few times with my brother, he's a regular there and DJ's at times, I know there are "themed" night on Saturday's of the month such as "shadow play" and obscura I just don't know the order of them, but cool bar & good people having a good times time, have to live places that you can be "real" at and Rips is the place... Big thanks!


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